Terrán roof tiles blend harmoniously into the environment thanks to their natural colours and raw materials, thus playing a major role in shaping the environment, but only in an aesthetic sense.

In every other way, we strive to preserve the environment!

Our commitment to protecting the environment is demonstrated by the fact that the raw materials used, the process of concrete tile production and the use of concrete products are fundamentally environmentally friendly. In our newest factory in Kunszentmiklós, we now use closed technology, which means that the production of concrete pavers consumes much less energy and produces far fewer emissions. For example, the waste water generated during the process is recycled back into our system for further use.

Could it be more natural?

The raw materials used to make our products are all natural.



Powdered limestone (cement)

River sand


Iron oxide


The cement used in the manufacture of the product is nothing more than limestone that has been heated and then ground into a fine powder. Another raw material is river sand. As in glass production, only carefully graded, extremely clean sand is used in the manufacture of our products. In addition to water, iron oxide dyes, another naturally occurring substance, are added to the mixture. This is illustrated by the fact that some cosmetics and even foodstuffs contain iron oxide as a colouring agent.

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the production of roofing materials, the production of concrete tiles is ranked third in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact (carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide emissions), after thatch and shingles, and ahead of burnt tile production, with the same overall value as that of thatch!

Time to think of concrete tiles as environmentally friendly!