A successful family business (1920-1999)

Kálmán Mészáros started his business in the production of concrete-based tiles in Negyed, now part of Slovakia. The hand-made Mészáros tiles have been found on roofs in the area for nearly 90 years.

In 1993, Vilmos Mészáros continued the family business on a semi-automatic production line in the town of Bóly in southern Baranya, which has a long tradition of craftsmanship.

Today, the production technology is fully automated and of European standard. The third generation of the family joined the business in 1997, at the same time as the rapid technological development started.

A period of product development (2000-2004)

In addition to the dynamic development of production technology, the initial 15-form was replaced by the 10-form, which was later renamed Danubia, thanks to major product development.

An automatic production line was installed in the Mediterrano Slovakia factory, established in Farkasdo, Slovakia, in 2000. This is a further guarantee for a secure and continuous supply of products and high quality service.

In 2001, our range was further extended with the Coppo antique product line, which evokes the sunny atmosphere of the Italian countryside in both form and colour.

In 2003, as a result of extensive research, we further developed our range with the specially designed, multi-surface treated Coppo range, which won the Construma Grand Prix in spring 2003.

Our product range doubled in 3 years (2005-2007)

In 2005 our company added a new product line to its product range. The grooved, double curved Rundo product line is aesthetically distinctive for covering monuments, new buildings of traditional character and is also ideal for roof renovations.

Rundo was awarded the BNV Grand Prix in the same year.

The corrugated Standard (from 2020 Danubia) tile was also launched on the Hungarian market in 2005.

New dimensions in the durability of roof tiles (from 2008)

In 2008, the ColorSystem range of colour-protected products was further extended with the Rundo, Danubia, Coppo product lines and the Zenit Ódon roof tile.

In the same year, the company’s completely new factory with automatic technology in Kunszentmiklós was inaugurated.

The success story continues with the launch of Zenit roof tiles in 2007, which with their exciting carbon colour, simple rectangular shape and clean, homogeneous surface represent a new trend compared to traditional roof tiles. Zenit roof tiles have a special ColorSystem surface treatment.

Our product range was further extended in 2009 with the addition of the natural colour of our Standard (from 2020 Danubia) range, offering an uncompromising alternative at an affordable price for everyone.

In 2010, after extensive research, we developed the Resistor surface treatment process, which gives our roof tiles premium protection and durability.

Our state-of-the-art factory in Bóly, unique in the Central European region, opened in 2012, further increasing our manufacturing and delivery flexibility.

Evolution of the brand

In 2010, after extensive preparatory and research work, the image of Mediterranean changed. The brand has been given a modern colour scheme that reflects our innovative thinking, is recognisable and stands out from the rest. The branding process was accompanied by strong communication. You can watch our commercials on our YouTube channel.

In 2014, Mediterran became Terrán Roof Tile Manufacturing Ltd – but only the name changed. This change is another step on the way to further strengthening the company’s market position. Recent technological developments and factory construction have also paved the way for this.

With the TERRÁN brand name, we are referring to the fact that our products represent a more modern, climate-independent, contemporary style that looks good anywhere on Earth.

Today, our company is an internationally renowned manufacturer of concrete tiles and complete roofing systems. At Terrán Roof Tile Manufacturing Ltd., a basic requirement is scientific research and development work and the need for the highest quality, as well as the discipline of delivery. Only in this way can we achieve our most important goal: satisfied customers.

Our vision

In addition to the timeless quality of our products’ physical properties, our company’s philosophy is to create a new, joyful atmosphere through unique shapes and colours. We take serious steps to develop our products so that you can choose the roofing that best suits your taste and style, giving free rein to your imagination.

Our awards:

  • Our Coppo product line won the Construma Grand Prix in spring 2003.
  • Our Rundo product was awarded the BNV Grand Prix in 2005.
  • Dealer-friendly supplier of the year 2009
  • 2010 – Business SUPERBRANDS
  • 2013 – Hungarian Product Grand Prix
  • 2013 – Hungarian Brands
  • 2014 – Hungarian Brands
  • 2015 – Hungarian Brands
  • Our Synus product won the Construma Grand Prize in 2015.
  • 2016 – Hungarian Brands
  • 2017 – Hungarian Brands
  • 2018 – Hungarian Brands
  • 2018 – Best Buy Award
  • 2018 – Our company was awarded in SME TOP100
  • 2019 – Business SUPERBRANDS title
  • 2019 – Our Generon solar roof tiles won the Construma Grand Prix.
  • 2019 – E.ON Energy Globe Award for Generon.
  • Energy CIO Insights Magazine in Florida recognised Terran, with its Generon product, as one of Europe’s top 10 solar PV providers in 2020.