We want to meet the needs of today’s energy-conscious consumers with modern technologies too. Energy-efficient solutions are particularly important for today’s darker-toned roof tiles.

Our products with ClimaControl surface treatment provide long-term protection against infrared radiation that causes the roofing to heat up. Thanks to the stable, non-degradable components of the surface treatment, our roof tiles absorb almost 60% less infrared radiation.

In practice, this means that in the summer the heat load on the roof is much lower than for Terrán roof tiles with a conventional surface treatment.
Optimum living comfort is achieved by using ClimaControl in a complete roof system.

The benefits of ClimaControl:

  • high colour protection
  • excellent wear resistance
  • resistant surface
  • increased protection against moss
  • extremely fine, smooth surface finish
  • aesthetic glossy surface
  • extremely resistant, hard surface
  • long-lasting protection against infrared radiation which causes skin heating
  • temperatures up to 10°C lower than conventional Terran roofing materials
  • significant energy savings

Terran roof tiles with ClimaControl surface treatment: