Production of concrete roof tiles


Concrete roof tiles were already being produced at the beginning of the century, although at that time they were still made by hand. A specially designed table was used to press the earth-moist concrete mixture onto a metal template using muscle power. A metal casting rod weighing several kilograms was used, the shape of which was adapted to the profile of the roof tile to be made. This rod was used to press the concrete itself onto the formwork. The strength of the pressing is extremely important for the strength and durability of the final product, so this work required considerable physical strength.


Today, the technology used in our two domestic concrete roof tile factories is among the most advanced. The carefully selected raw materials are mixed in a computer-controlled mixer to produce a concrete slurry. The constant composition of the recipe is one of the basic requirements to achieve high product quality. Our technology in our Kunszentmiklós factory is now based on a completely closed principle, so that the waste materials and waste water generated are also recycled, meeting the highest environmental standards.

The production process
Short film showing the production of concrete tiles: