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What happens when the determination of a family lasts for generations?

In 1920, my father, an enterprising man, Kálmán Mészáros, started a roof tile production in the Highlands.

Little did he know then that the small business, which employed only one or two people, would outgrow the family framework and by 2010 grow into a European-standard company employing nearly 250 people in eight countries.

He would also be delighted to know that the mission that is so important to him – if roofs can be seen as durable – has been passed down from generation to generation and that the business is still in the hands of his family.

Since 1973, I have taken over the parental tradition and the management of the company as the youngest member of the family. The output of our factory, which initially operated on a manual basis, was greatly increased when, in 1993, we purchased a continuous production line, which, although still manually operated, enabled us to produce 1 million high-quality concrete roof tiles a year.

The really rapid technological development, reflecting the needs of the times, started after 1997, when the third generation joined the family business. In the last decade, the family has built three fully automated plants in Bóly, Kunszentmiklós and Farkasd in Slovakia, using the latest production technologies. In 2012, we started building a new production hall in Bóly, where we have since installed one of the most modern production lines in the region.

What we are really proud of is the technical and technological level of our company, which is at the forefront in Central Europe.

Nowadays, it is rare for a company operating in Hungary to be wholly Hungarian-owned, and in the roof tile segment this is only true of our company. We consider it a great success that Terrán Tetőcserép Gyártó Kft. has been in the hands of our family for more than 100 years, spanning three generations.

From the very beginning, our values have been based on continuous innovation and sustainable quality, both in our products and in our partnerships.

Mészáros Vilmos

Mészáros Vilmos aláírása

Dr. Mészáros Vilmos

I’ve always believed that we don’t just make and sell concrete tiles, we protect people, keep their homes warm and decorate their homes to reflect their tastes and make them feel more at home in the world.