From a family business to a large corporation.

Our company, Terran Tetőcércep Gyártó Kft., is present not only in the domestic market but also in neighboring countries. In addition to the two domestic plants, our group of companies now serves its customers in 8 other countries in addition to Hungary.

Our factories in Hungary

In Boly, Dr. Our first semi-automatic production line started in 1993, named after Vilmos Mészáros. This was followed in 1999 by fully automatic technology.

In 2008, our roof tile factory, which uses one of the most modern technologies in the region, started operating in Kunszentmiklós.

On an international stage

In addition to Hungary, our branch operates in 3 countries:

  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Croatia

Mediterran Slovakia s.r.o. Founded in 2000 in Farkasdon, Slovakia, our fully automated factory was built here in 2004. In this way, the supply of products to the surrounding markets was simplified, and the transport distances were reduced, which meant not only an increase in efficiency, but also a decrease in the environmental burden and still means to this day.

Our other foreign subsidiaries were established in 2004: Mediterran Crijep d.o.o., in Eszék, Croatia, and Mediterran Rom srl., in Cluj, Romania. We are also present in these countries with full coverage.

Today, the company group:

in 3 fully automated factories
nearly 50 million sold roof tiles per year
It provides its customers with a 50-year guarantee or even a lifetime guarantee.
We guarantee quality for a long time

The dynamic growth of our company is proof of our future goals: we want to be the market-leading concrete tile manufacturer in Hungary and the surrounding countries.
This is supported by the technical background, research and development work, customer service that satisfies all needs and desirable marketing support. But the most important thing: ambition and dedication, so that we can guarantee the quality that every builder expects from a roof tile for a long time!

We guarantee this quality for all roofs for 50 years!