Introducing Generon RED: The New Red Solar Roof Tile

We’re kicking off the new year with a new product: the Generon RED, the red version of the Generon solar roof tile!

Dark-colored roof tiles are popular among roofers, and the Generon solar roof tile perfectly complements them. However, the most common roof coverings are still associated with more traditional colors – different shades of brick red and red. With those who prefer classic shades in mind, we embarked on a new innovation a few years ago. We are happy to announce that the Generon RED, the red solar roof tile, is here!

The Generon RED creates a homogeneous surface with the red-colored tiles in Terran’s range, while complementing the roof with energy-generating function and preserving its traditional appearance. Thus, our solar roof system is now available in red, called Generon RED, in addition to the previous black, Generon DARK.

However, the red Generon is not only new in color. It is made with an improved layer that extends the product’s life. The Generon solar roof system – in black and red – is still compatible only with Rundo and the renewed Zenit, now called Zenit Max tiles.

Here is the improved Zenit Max, the perfect companion for Generon RED as well

Our popular Zenit product has been further developed and is now available under the name Zenit Max. In the case of our Zenit Max product, as well as the Generon DARK and RED solar roof tiles, the drainage groove is on the opposite, left side and runs the entire length of the tile. This increases the covering length of the Zenit Max roof tile, so we can achieve the material requirement value of 10 pieces/m2 also used for wavy products, and the minimum overlap will also be smaller.

We started developing our products several years ago, and we hope that both the red Generon and the renewed Zenit Max will be well-received by the professionals and the public!