MediFol SD

Technical data

Applicable Coppo, Renova Plus, Rundo, Synus, Zenit Max
Width 1,50 m
Roll length 50 m
Roll surface 75 m²
Tensile strength 260 N/180 N/50 mm
Heat tolerance -40°C - +80°C
Waterproofing W1
Elements required roof m² + 15%
Material PP fleece
Fastening by nailing counterslats
Mass 120 g/m²
Sd ~0,02m
MediFol SD
It can be used in the following product families:
  • Coppo
  • Renova Plus
    Renova Plus
  • Rundo
  • Synus
  • Zenit Max
    Zenit Max
It can be used in the following hues:
  • Black
  • Brick
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red